Email Marketing Plans

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250k emails a month
Domains: 1 Included
Dedicated IPs: 2
Contacts: 100k
No Set-Up Fees
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500K emails a month
Domains: 1 Included
Dedicated IPs: 3
Contacts: 250K
No Set-Up Fees
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1MM emails a month
Domains: 2 Included
Dedicated IPs: 4
Contacts: 500K
No Set-Up Fees
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2.5MM emails a month
Domains: 2 Included
Dedicated IPs: 16
Contacts: 1MM
No Set-Up Fees
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5MM emails a month
Domains: 2 Included
Dedicated IPs: 32
Contacts: 2 MM
No Set-Up Fees
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Custom Plan
Need to send more than 5 million emails a month? 
Our architecture team will be happy to design a plan tailored to your marketing needs.
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All Plans Include: IP Rotation, Drag and Drop Editor, Tracking and Reporting, Phone and Email Support

  • Managed Email Services

    Save time by letting us handle all aspects of your email campaigns. Our experts will upload your email lists, design your campaign templates, deploy your email campaigns and provide reporting to measure campaign effectiveness. Choose your email plan then let us manage your campaigns.


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  • Email Template Design

    Work with our design team to build custom responsive email templates for your campaigns. We build email templates based on the content you provide, your  website or other marketing materials. Work with  the team to revise your template to achieve consistent branding.


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  • Email Marketing for Agencies

    Hotsol offers customized white label services for agencies. Use your own logo and branded domain URL to deploy email campaigns for your clients. Create multiple user accounts for your staff or customers. Get access to reporting and 24/7 priority support.

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  • We Support Nonprofits and Charities

    We are inspired by the work you do. To lend our support Hotsol offers a 10 % discount on email marketing for nonprofits. To request a discount send an email to our sales team with your contact information and a link to your organization.


    We do not charge set-up fees for accounts. We do all configurations and activate all accounts in 24hrs. or less. It may take up to 48 hrs to deliver your account if ordered on weekends or holidays.

    No! Hotsol does not and will never sell email lists or retain customer data. As the leading bulk email service for purchased email lists and cold data, in our view it is a conflict of interest. We partner with reputable industry leading data providers who can provide you with quality email lists.

    Delivery rates will vary from campaign to campaign. They are heavily reliant on the quality of your email list, email content and spam filters behind the email addresses you are sending to. What we can say is we keep you in a position to deliver emails and the more recipients engage with your content the more ISPs are likely to place your messages into the inbox.

    To learn more about best practices see  6 tips to improve email deliverability.

    All ISPs have bulk email limitations so when sending non-permissioned email we have to take them into consideration.  Multiple domains and IPs in rotation help to balance the load and maximize email delivery. The number of IPs and domains we recommend are based on your list type, number of contacts and email speed delivery requirements.


    To read more frequently asked questions see FAQs.