Dedicated Email Servers

Hotsol provides secure, scalable dedicated email marketing servers for small and large businesses.  Our global network of servers are located in highly secure data centers in the US, and Europe and are specifically configured for high volume delivery. With our dedicated email servers, customers can deploy millions of emails with dedicated IPs, maximizing inbox delivery.

Our high performance dedicated email servers are not shared and are allocated exclusively to your business. In essence, you own the dedicated email server and all bandwidth resources. With a dedicated email server equip with dedicated IPs, you can be sure that you are not sharing space with a potential spammer or bad actor. You are in control of your sending reputation

Advantages of a Dedicated Server for Email Marketing

  1. Improved processing speed for high volume email delivery
  2. Dedicated bandwidth resources
  3. Manage your IP reputation with dedicated IPs
  4. Keep you data safe and secure
  5. Host any email sending software
  6. Send your email campaigns with multiple domains and IPs
  7. Manage unlimited subscribers with unlimited email lists
  8. Send multiple email campaigns simultaneous

Dedicated Email Server Features

  1. 100% root access to the server
  2. Multiple email accounts for each domain
  3. 24/7 monitoring and support
  4. Free server reboots
  5. Free DKIM, DMARK, SPF and rDNS set up

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Email:Up to 250K/day
List Size: 1-2MM
1 Domain:Included
Dedicated IPs:4
Additional IPs:Optional
Rotating IPs:Included
Additional Domain:No
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Email:Up to 500K/day
List Size: 2-5MM
1 Domain:Included
Dedicated IPs:16
Additional IPs:Optional
Rotating IPs:Included
1 Additional Domain: Optional
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Email:Up to 1MM/day
List Size: 5-8MM
1 Domain:Included
Dedicated IPs:32
Additional IPs:Optional
Rotating IPs:Included
2 Additional Domains: Optional
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