Bulk Email Senders

Are you one of the many bulk email senders struggling to find a bulkĀ email service for cold email to third party email lists or large scale transactional email? Do you need the ability to send 50M emails a month, 75M emails a month, 100M emails a month or more to customers and prospects? Hotsol Email Marketing is a bulk email service designed for b2b marketers and businesses who need to deploy high volume email marketing campaigns. With a global server network that spans 3 continents, we are the most cost-effective email marketing company for bulk email senders.

The Hotsol Advantage for Bulk Email Senders


Hotsol is unique because our architecture was built to deliver non permissioned based cold email campaigns in bulk. There are no port or volume limitations on our IPs. While most bulk email service providers terminate your services after a few blacklists or deliverability issues, we handle these situations with expertise and keep our bulk email senders up and running without any disruption of service. Our bulk email friendly network and email deliverability experts are available 24/7 to make sure your campaigns run smoothly. Get insights and recommendations about your email marketing campaigns to improve your delivery rates.

Email Server Architecture


1. Bulk email-friendly IPs
2. Email delivery speed optimization
3. Monthly Back Ups
4. IP Blacklist Monitoring and Delisting
5. IP Rotation
6. Feedback Loop Set-up
7. Root Access

It starts with our powerful email server network and flexible plans. We understand b2b marketers have different bulk mailing needs. Our plans are fully customizable to fit the needs of each individual client. Whether you are sending 50M emails a month or 100M emails a month we have a solution for you.


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250k emails a month
Domains: 1 Included
Dedicated IPs: 2
Contacts: 100k
No Set-Up Fees
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500K emails a month
Domains: 1 Included
Dedicated IPs: 3
Contacts: 250K
No Set-Up Fees
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1MM emails a month
Domains: 2 Included
Dedicated IPs: 4
Contacts: 500K
No Set-Up Fees
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2.5MM emails a month
Domains: 2 Included
Dedicated IPs: 16
Contacts: 1MM
No Set-Up Fees
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