Marketing Tips

Leverage the power of  B2B email lead generation. Start increasing sales and boosting ROI with this comprehensive guide.     B2b email lead generation helps marketers engage with prospects and move them down the sales funnel. Use  purchased b2b email lists to enhance lead generation by  offering  something of value (i.e ebooks,
purchased email lists
Marketing to purchased email lists can grow your target audience and improve your bottomline, but it starts with solid data.    Keys to success with purchased email lists  1. Buy a targeted list from a reputable email list provider. 2. Clean your list. 3. Personalize your content. 4. Start slowly.
Some marketers scoff at the idea of incorporating purchased email lists into their email marketing strategy. However, done correctly within the parameters of the CAN-SPAM Act, cold email outreach to purchased email lists can be an effective strategy to expand your audience and grow your opt-in list. If you’re a medical
Email deliverability tips for higher open rates
Email deliverability is the key to successful email marketing campaigns. Follow these tips avoid the spam folder and maximize returns for your cold email campaigns.   The question everyone wants to know the answer to is how to get more emails delivered to the inbox. Is email deliverability better with dedicated
real estate email marketing
Real estate email marketing is a cost-effective method to nurture and convert leads, build long-term relationships and drive value and engagement for realtors. In the real estate industry email marketing averages 27.16% open rates and increase significantly when email campaigns are personalized and targeted. So how do you go about running a successful
restaurant email marketing
Email open rates for the Restaurant Industry are 35.69%! Restaurant email marketing is an inexpensive yet effective way to reach new customers, retain old ones and grow sales. The numbers don’t lie. A Statista study found that 269 billion emails were sent daily in 2017 and that number is expected to increase to 333 billion in 2022. This
promote affiliate links with email marketing
Email marketing is the most reliable and cost-effective way to promote affiliate links.   With an ROI of $44 for every $1 spent, it’s not hard to see why email is the best marketing channel for affiliate marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer looking to promote affiliate links with email marketing, here