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cold email marketing
I can’t tell you how many times we have heard the statement, “I’ve bought an opt-in list of a million contacts and I want to send a million emails a day.” There is so much wrong with this statement on so many levels. For marketers using cold data and purchased
email blasts
So you’ve purchased a targeted email list and you’re ready to start sending email blasts to millions of inboxes. If only it were that easy. ISPs are very protective of their customers and careful when it comes to cold email blasts sent from new IPs. New IPs equal no sender
When it comes to B2B marketing, cold email campaigns are a powerful way to increase the global reach of your brand. With 81% of small and medium sized businesses  using email marketing as their primary customer acquisition and retention channel, it cannot be ignored. Before diving head first into this
In today’s ever-connected world, B2B email marketing is a great avenue for companies looking to drive more revenue. Leveraging the power of email marketing can increase sales and boost your ROI.     Typically, when you think of sales emails, you probably imagine all of the emails that are currently
You can read all of the articles on the web claiming purchased email lists are a big no-no for your email campaign, emailing to purchased lists can destroy your campaign, the titles go on and on. If you look closely, most of these articles are written by permission-based companies who
Some marketers scoff at the idea of incorporating purchased email lists into their email marketing strategy. However, done correctly within the parameters of the CAN-SPAM Act, cold email outreach to purchased email lists can be an effective strategy to expand your audience and grow your opt-in list. If you’re a medical
The question everyone wants to know the answer to is how to get more emails delivered to the inbox. Is email deliverability better with dedicated email servers, cloud email servers or SMTP email servers? All of these can be effective at sending emails, but getting them delivered to the inbox requires