Marketing Tips

The ability to send mass email is crucial to the  lead generation efforts of any business or institution. However, finding a mass email service that fits your lead generation needs can be a challenge.   Small business owners need a mass email service that allows them to use the various
Bulk email service for universities
Email marketing for universities is a trusted channel for educational institutions to send correspondence to students, faculty, donors and alumni. It is very effective at executing bulk email campaigns for academic work and research activities.  With a bulk email service design for universities, institutions  can send mass email without the
B2B Cold email marketing with Hotsol
A b2b cold email is a conversation starter. A means of introducing yourself to a specific target audience with the intent of building a relationship from a lead to a business partner.   With 300 billion email notifications hitting inboxes every day, making your cold email stand out from the
email marketing for election campaigns
Sending targeted, political email marketing campaigns are the fastest way to get your political message in front of a large relevant audience.   So you’ve dedicated to run for office now you need a political email marketing platform to connect with constituents and political donors. Election season is a time of
email marketing to a third party email list
The numbers show that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective channels for lead generation.  Bulk email marketing campaigns require data, and the two ways to acquire it is to buy  third party email lists or grow your email list organically. As a small business, you may not have
cold email marketing
I can’t tell you how many times we have heard the statement, “I’ve bought an opt-in list of a million contacts and I want to send a million emails a day.” There is so much wrong with this statement on so many levels. For marketers using cold data and purchased
email blasts
Email blasts are a cost effective way to generate leads and drive sales. Send bulk email communications to a targeted audience to boost engagement, brand awareness and customer loyalty.   So you’ve purchased a targeted b2b email list and you’re ready to send email blasts to millions of inboxes. If