B2B Email Marketing Service

Hotsol is the go-to b2b email marketing service for hundreds of b2b marketers worldwide. We deploy bulk email campaigns to purchased email lists, third party email lists, and cold email data for companies large and small.

Our b2b email marketing platform  provides  marketers with tools to create beautiful b2b marketing email templates, manage large contact databases, deploy multiple b2b email campaigns and  track campaign results through comprehensive reporting. From the initial point of contact to the many points of communication along the sales journey, we give you recommendations and guidance to determine the best approach to reach your desired goals. Our team is fully versed in the art of b2b email marketing and turning cold email contacts into warm leads.


B2b Email Marketing Company


B2B Email Deliverability Tools 


As the leading B2B email marketing service for bulk campaigns, we understand it can be frustrating for marketers because deliverability can be an issue. We offer dedicated resources and a suite of reputation management and delivery tools all managed by a team of deliverability professionals who oversee your cold email campaigns. We designed our architecture specifically for email marketing  b2b lead generation and customize solutions for each marketer based on their email data, content and specific needs. Chose from a dedicated server, cloud server with dedicated IPs or connect to our network via SMTP. We perform all of the necessary configurations, recommendations, and ISP outreach to make your email marketing campaigns a success. 


Email Delivery


B2b Email Marketing Strategy


The days of purchasing a random b2b email list and blindly sending emails are over. A successful b2b email campaign begins with a quality email list and the content you deliver to your recipients. List segmentation based on what you know about your users can dramatically increase engagement for your b2b email marketing campaigns.  Use custom fields to directly address your recipients by name and incorporate other information you know about them. To maximize inbox delivery optimize your email content regularly with engaging subject lines and clear call to action.


Affordable B2B Email Marketing Service


When it comes to a B2B email marketing service that delivers email campaigns at scale, we are the experts. From email one to one million, our architecture allows you to scale up comfortably and at a pace that ensures the best chance for inbox delivery. Our affordable email plans are designed for b2b marketers who want to send millions of emails on a daily basis without breaking the bank.


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